The Speech Team is now recruiting for the 2022-23 Speech Season.  For more information, contact Jill Lofald at We are looking for the next actor, entertainer, poet, reader, orator, storyteller, and politician. That's you!

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Denfeld Speech Team Mission Statement

The Denfeld High School Speech Team is dedicated to the belief that forensics (Speech) is more than simply the study and practice of public speaking.  We have come to understand that the skills, attitudes, and personal qualities developed through speech are among the most valuable lifelong assets that any student can achieve.  Our mission is to provide opportunities for the members of the Denfeld High School Speech Team to grow not only as speakers, but as people.

We believe that forensics competition promotes strong character essential for success. Therefore, we enforce a clear set of policies of acceptable behavior designed to ensure that everyone involved in Forensics learns the value of respectful conduct.

Finally, we strive to make sure that Denfeld Speech opens doors of opportunities that might otherwise remain closed for many students.  We see every opportunity; be it performing for community groups, business organization or competing in all corners of our state; as a chance to do something genuine, something challenging, and something that will forever set us apart from our peers.

Despite what appearances may be, the trophy shelf, the plaques, the public accolades, we do not endeavor in this activity to win tournaments.  We do Forensics to win everything else!